How to become Instagram Famous?

Enjoy Stardom through Instagram

In this era where the internet has taken over the world, social media is one of the most famous and
efficient options to spread your views and ideas. With the introduction of several social networking
platforms, there has been an increased desire to earn fame and become a star over the social media.
May it be You Tube or Facebook or Instagram, interesting feeds are trending every where. Lately, an
increased number of becoming famous through Instagram has been observed, maybe because of its
easy picture and video uploading interface and cool filters, users find it to be the latest area to flaunt
their cool shots or travelogues or any other stories through pictures.
What is Instagram?
Instagram is a social network where you can share photos and video and even follow others if you’re
interested in the content they’re uploading. Known for its cool filters, Instagram is also known for its
square image format.
How to become Instagram Famous?
 Create a catchy and unique profile name: Start with deciding what would your stories and
feeds be all about, and decide a name that would reflect your personality and the theme of
your profile.
 The niche market: Why would people be attracted towards your profile? What are you doing
that the rest of the world is not? Be unique in your approach in order to keep your followers
 Creative sharing of photos and videos: Be artsy and creative in whatever you click and
upload. Think something out of the box and get the best shots. Understand the perfect use
of filters, as filters often enhance the underlying depth of colours in your pictures, giving it
an artistic touch. Click lots of pictures, but upload only the best. Several shots of the same
item can be monotonous, thus be smart and prefer quality over quantity.
 Create stories to tell through your pictures: Use your profile to depict a story, maybe some
of your new travelogue. Create cliffhangers, for example, by giving a countdown to
something exciting upcoming.
 Hashtags: Use relatable hashtags as much as you can, to ensure people looking for content
like yours can find you. Keep a check on the latest trending hashtags and use them in your
posts if required. You can also follow other instagrammers through these trending hashtags.
 Be Consistent: Remember the people following you had followed you as they were
interested in your content. So just don’t stop uploading fresh content, but also keep in mind
not to overdo it. If you have several clicks to share in a day, you can always opt for stories,
this helps you not clutter the feeds of your follower.
 Respond to comments: Be responsive and reply to the comments as much as possible, this
would initiate a down-to-earth look and your fans would be even more interested to
These were some of the initial basics which one can follow to become Instagram famous. A lot
surely lies upon your consistency and creativity, but a bit of help doesn’t hurt either.

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