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The mystery of IHOB is solved now, IHOP which stands for Indian house of pancakes now
changes its title to IHOB , i.e Indian house of burgers. It’s a marketing campaign, and a
good place to get lunch as well as dinner, its adding several burgers to its menu, that
includes a fried egg ,brunch burger with bacon and browned potato, but the president
of IHOP Darren Rebelez said to CNN money that they are taking now burgers as serious as

Now, IHOB have to change its twitter account even
retweet photos and video, people are still confused with the B’ letter they think that b stands
for bacon or will take time to rebuid its customers, here marketing plays a
significant role, the choice of the people must be taken into concern,so that customers can
take full benefit from IHOB. Many people said their opinion on IHOB, some said that the ob
in the IHOB logo looked similar to ob brand of tampons,on this changes, Rebelez is quite
worried about people disappointment but on the other side it is a revolution for the burger
lovers, it’s a good topic for most of the IHOB fans, its makes people look towards this and
people were start talking on this matter.

America loves burgers and IHOP wants to build more of its
fans so it will create space in their heart, its like a game changer for the IHOP, as per as
Rebelez he conciders food-fusion menu items like burger king’s, whopperito or Taco Bell’ss
nacho fries, IHOB owner Dine Brands is the parent company of Applebee’s, Rebelez said that
IHOB will remain familyfused,while Applebee’s is a good place to go with friend for beer or
for watching game,
So to conclude we must visit IHOB to taste its burgers as well as to judge whether its upto the
mark or not, changes were not always good but sometimes a liitle change can change the
whole income of a company.

IHOB is going to be the highest earning source in marketing, people are investing much money in
eating tasty foods so they will surely love the lunch and dinners of IHOB , this is a storm in the social
media, in last few days people shows their full interest in deciding the meaning of the b letter of the
word IHOB, now a days junk food is loved by everyone and burgers are one of the food that can
stop our hunger instantly,
Burgers are of different varieties one can choose many different flavours of their own
choice. IHOP is selling burgers since 1958, the main chain is hping to attract a wider audience and for
the better result in market as well. It’s a big opportunity for the IHOB brand to develop and build a
good business through lunch and dinners.

The chief market operator also contributed much in IHOP, nothing gonna remove from the menu,
breakfast will remain in the only inhanced its name more effectively to attract large no of
people . there are lots of other companies who are selling their burgers but IHOB is the best seller
always through out the year it receives more thank lakh customers satisfaction request and orders, it
has a certified group of people who work only for IHOP.
Marketing is totally depends n the this type of companies, their
product are genuine and most acceptable by the society. So its going to be a big revolution in
marketing and also for the area.

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