IPhone Users Might Have to Wait for This Android Feature

As we are preparing for the launch of Apple's annual lineup of iPhones,
several leaks and rumours about them have already started making the
The latest report arrived from Digitimes that stated that Apple will be
replacing the lightning cable port with a USB-C port on the 2019 iPhones.
This report also stated that Apple is still in its redesign phase and will not
be able to equip the technology in its upcoming iPhones. Further, the report
revealed that Apple is about to make this change not only on iPhones in
2019, but also on the iPad as well.
This report also stated the sources at analog IC sellers. Apple has already
started using the USB Type-C in its MacBook series, after which various
laptop makers followed the same.
Citing the source, Digitimes said that the popularity and mass adoption of
Type-C interface among other handset manufacturers will still depend on
the adoption in Apple's iPhones.

Back in March, a report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said that Apple’s
upcoming smartphones may sport USB Type-C port. Though the wording
of that report was not very clear, it did hint that Apple may be planning to
drop the Lightning cable for the industry standard USB Type -C.

Recently, it was also reported that Apple decreased the price of its USB-C
to Lightning to $19 in the US. The drop in this price is said to be by $6 as
the accessory was previously sold for $25. Another report has stated that
Apple might bring a new 18W USB-C Power Adapter, showing a new
design. The adapter is believed to be smaller in size while providing faster
charging capabilities if not the same. This new adapter is also supposed to
replace the 12W adapter that currently comes with Apple’s iPad.

Several reports that arrived has also revealed the prices of the upcoming
iPhones as well. The lowest priced iPhone from the 2018 lot is expected to
be priced somewhere between $600 (around Rs 40,299) to $700 (around

Rs 47,999). This device is expected to feature a 6.1-inch LCD display. The
second iPhone that is supposed to come with an OLED display panel, with
5.8 inches display, will be priced somewhere between $800 (roughly Rs
53,700) and $900 (roughly Rs 60,400) and the most expensive of the lot is
expected to be an OLED "iPhone X Plus", with 6.5 inches display and is
supposed to be priced between $900 (roughly Rs 60,400) to $1000
(roughly Rs 67,100).
So, that was it, the latest news from the line up launch from Apple.
Rumours and leaks have made all sorts of assumptions, now the question
remains about hoe legitimate this rumours actually are. Apple hasn’t yet
confirmed anything, so the best for now as to be done by IPhone users, is
to just sit back and wait for the official announcements to be made. To all
those waiting for these features to be added, let’s just hope for the best.

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