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Kim Kardashian preparing for ANOTHER divorce?

An explosive report from In Touch today has claimed that Kim Kardashian-West has ‘announced’ to close friends that her marriage to rapper husband Kanye West is over.

The thrice-married reality star, 37, has reportedly told those in her inner circle that she is leaving the rapper, 41, after four troubled years of marriage.

‘It’s over,’ one insider told the US publication. ‘She’s realised he’s not the man she fell in love with.’

According to the bombshell report, the final straw was an ugly fight that erupted after Kanye’s recent off-the-wall tweets, including support of Donald Trump and referring to slavery as a ‘choice’.

‘She referred to him, out on his stinginess and the way he does not ever think about the repercussions it may have for her brands,’ associate degree business executive explosively tells. ‘All he cares regarding is his music and article of clothing line.’

‘It was one of their worst fights ever.’

The source outrageously adds that Kim is petrified to divorce a third time and potentially fight with Kanye over their shared $300 million fortune, but her desire to get out ‘is greater than’ her fear.

‘Kim wants her old life back,’ a source said.

In Touch further claims that Kim has had enough of Kanye’s erratic behaviour.

‘Kim is a nervous wreck because she never knows what’s around the corner when it comes to his actions,’ a Kardashian insider said.

‘She just can’t take it anymore and stays at Kris’ house with the kids.’

The couple share three children – North, 5, Saint, 2, and Chicago, 8-months.

Kim knows the pain and humiliation of a public divorce all too well, still haunted by her 2011 divorce to NBA player Kris Humphries, which dragged on for nearly eight times the length of their 72-day marriage.

But apart from that difference, the narratives are exactly the same. And nowhere in the text of either report is it actually alleged that Kardashian and West have signed divorce papers. That’s because they don’t, and their marriage isn’t “over,” either. Just over a month ago, Kardashian honored West on Twitter for their anniversary, stating twice that she intends to spend “forever” with him. While they may not reach that goal, as many celebrities marriages don’t, they certainly haven’t split yet. In fact, a few days ago, when another gossip publication tried to claim Kardashian and West are leading “separate lives,” Gossip Cop pointed out all the time they’ve spent together throughout June. ‘The last thing Kim wants is a lengthy divorce,’ a friend said.

he cover of OK! announces there are “divorced papers signed” for Kardashian and West, but inside the issue, it’s revealed the divorce papers are really from her first marriage. The actual article makes no mention Kardashian and West signing divorce papers for their marriage, and only features the same misguided and false claims that were published by sister outlet In Touch. Gossip Cop rightly debunked that report, correctly explaining that the couple is still together. Nothing has changed, aside from this tabloid tacking on an additional lie.

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