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Kim kardashian reveals the secret benefits of pineapple juice for her plump skin

Makeup obviously gives you a flawless look but have you ever thought to make your skin glow and plumpy? If you nourish your skin with good and natural methods it is more likely that your skin will look brighter and better even without makeup!

Celeb stars like Kim Kardashian flaunt their beautiful skin secrets on Instagram and tell you the truth of their life. So girls without waiting more you should read further and run to use this secret ingredient which makes Kim Kardashian skin soft and plump. Pineapples!

Yes,“ Keeping skin moisturized is an essential part of any skincare regimen, and mine especially because of my psoriasis. I always start with hyaluronic acid, which releases moisture back into the skin,” she revealed.

And she is definitely not wrong! hyaluronic acid is regarded as one of the most efficacious hydrating ingredients as the acid molecules retain more than 1000 times their weight in water. This process lets the skin to preserve and retain moisture from the skin care products, leaving the skin hydrated and soft. It also increases the ability to prevent a loss of firmness and plumpness to your skin.

This is not the only benefit of Kim Kardashian secret ingredient, pineapple consists of various other beneficial factors like:

  1. It consists of an anticancer agent

The fruit consists of bromelain which has the potential to act as an effective cancer-fighting agent. It may work with chemotherapy to suppress cancer-fighting agents specifically. The fruit also contains beta-carotene which can safeguard against prostate cancer and possibly colon cancer as well.

  1. Comprises of anti-inflammatory bodies

According to a study, pineapple can be used to treat sports injuries as the fruit consists of bromelain which reflects anti-inflammatory bodies. Due to its properties, it has the ability to reduce swelling and bruising.

  1. It can protect you, precious heart, as well

The presence of vitamin c in pineapple juice may also help to save yours from a heart disease. a number of studies reveal that more intake of vitamin c causes a decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease.

  1. Cataract prevention

Vitamin c does wonder when it comes to your vision .it is said that higher intake of vitamin c can also reduce the risk of cataracts, which is having a milky appearance in the vision.

  1. Prevents asthma

Pineapples are said to be a good source of beta-carotene as well which converts into active vitamin a during digestion. While the research is still in the process, a number of studies have revealed that beta-carotene may reduce the risk of exercise induces asthma.

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