Will Apple Maps ever dethrone Google Maps?

Here we are comparing the state of Apple Maps and Google Maps the two branded services, to help you decide which is the best mapping service globally.

Criteria :

Price and availability

The great thing is that both apps are free. Apple Maps comes preloaded on the iPhone and iPad, while you can download Google Map from the App Store, free of charge. And if you do prefer to use Google Maps, there are the host of Apps which asks you do you want to load the address using Apple Map or Google Map if it is installed. It’s all up to the user whether he wants to chose Apple Map or Google Map.

Accuracy of Data

When Apple Maps was released there were plenty of bugs and inaccuracies, including people ending up in potentially disastrous situations. On the other hand Google employs what has been described as a small army of human operators to manually check the maps and correct any errors.

Inaccuracy and Errors

While road maps of Apple Maps seem to be as accurate as Google Map, there is still a few inaccuracies. As the map simply name that is applied to an area a couple of miles down the road. Indeed Google does have this issue on occasion but less often. It tends to be better at offering useful, and the information is up to date.

Route Planning

Both services provide  various options for route planning, Apple Maps provides driving, walking, public transport and ride booking apps while the Google Maps also offers cycling too along with these options.

When you search for a location in Google Maps, you are presented with all possible matches sorted by distance. It also gives another handy informations like opening time, closing time, a description, and ratings where available.

While in Apple Maps now presents a similar list of options when you search for a location in Apple Maps, although the distance away are less clear. Some have this information, some don’t have.

Turn by Turn navigation option

The centre piece in a plenty of features in both Google and Apple Maps is its Turn by Turn Navigation has negated the need for a traditional and expensive. While both  are easy to set up and both boast audio prompts for every step of the journey.

The Google Maps provides a great feature that is voice command feature, allowing you to control turn by turn navigation. Whereas an iOS can interpret Siri voice command into Apple Maps direction.

Unique Features

Google Maps comes with the variety of extra features. And the main one is being Google street view. It gives the people a better idea of their end location.


Google trumped Apple in every category. But this isn’t entirely true Apple Maps has vastly improved.

While there are areas that both Google and Apple can improve on.

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